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Stephanie Robb

Thursdays 10-2

Saturdays 10-2

Stephanie takes a Mindful Nature-Centered approach to relationships, a humble way to catapult individuals, teams, and businesses into being their best. Now at Northern Lights, she offers several unique services access healing, reduce stress, and to discover the nature of Self. 


Card readings (in person and/or distant): drawing a card from each of her eleven decks to make a diverse spread, Stephanie interprets the messages that are needed to be known most to contribute to the betterment of Self and All. Distant readings include 2-3 typed pages of interpretation. $100


Reiki (in-person) to rest, recharge, and reboot the energetic body and to assist with pain management; Stephanie pairs the reiki session with optional feedback on the impressions she receives while channeling the healing energy. $80


Energy Drawings (individual/group) to see the Self differently, Stephanie guides her clients into a meditative relaxed state, then asks the client to describe the sensations they feel as they go through a meditative body-scan. While the client talks, Stephanie creates a soft pastel drawing on paper that depicts generally what is said. This is not a fine-art drawing. She calls this an interactive process that helps to get clients back into their bodies and to learn to see the Self in a soft, fluid way. Group work is structured to help clients create their own energy drawings. $100


Re-wilding Consultations - A brand new innovative service, Stephanie invites clients for one-one re-wilding consultations. This is a personalized service to support individuals in their pursuit to (re)connect to nature and to learn how to lighten their carbon footprint in personalized and approachable ways. Inspired by her nature-centered life and training as a mindful outdoor guide at the world renown Kripalu School of Mindful Outdoor Leadership, this work can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, help clients reconnect to their families, environment, and spirit, discovering their own Nature along the way. These sessions can include cards, intuitive readings, and Mindful Outdoor Experiences. The course of work will be established in first meeting. $160 for initial 90 minute sessions. 


Stephanie has worked as a professional sailor for nearly twenty years, she was an addictions & anger management counselor, and has equally as many years in facilitating one-one and group work to assist individuals in moving through difficult transitions. She has a extensive child care experience: teaching, nurturing, and inspiring our future generations with personal empowerment, creative solutions, self-discovery, and compassion for all living beings. In all her work, she uses Nature, mindfulness practices, artistic practices, and playful discovery. She attended Boston University and Salve Regina and completed an M.A. in Holistic Leadership with a C.A.G.S. in Expressive and Creative Arts. She has topped these degrees with significant further graduate education in Holistic Mental Health Counseling and she is a certified Kripalu Mindful Outdoor Guide, with Wilderness First Aid and CPR. 



On the web at: Journey Illuminated

Facebook: @JourneyIlluminated

Instagram: @tattybogles #journeyilluminated 

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