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*All payment for classes and appointments please call us at

 Northern Lights 401-293-5655

            Robin Kimball


A four year intensive mediation practice  through Kundalini Yoga has led me to an accelerated connection to my intuition and connecting consciousness.

My goal is to assist balance in lifestyle to include giving and receiving. I was guided into work and personal life by meeting every opportunity to reflect and heal from understanding self and others.

Through my own journey, I realize each step we take is an opportunity to grow and learn from other's gifts and internally grow in our own. Change is an object of mindful action and my own gifts and abilities are to help facilitate the journey for yourself to move fluently where ever you are.

My own interests stem from a metaphysical aspect that I believe will best help you to embody fully where the self lies. Here we can journey to understand and accept the next steps to accept applicable change. 

My background includes studies in :  Yoga, expressive arts, supporting mental health and addiction, shamanic journeying, ceremonial Cacao meditations, Ayurveda lifestyle and energy systems integrating life force. 

At Northern Lights my focus will be to help integrate mindfulness in connecting my heart to yours.  I"m here to help facilitate your journey to help you move wherever you are and grow and move forward in a pace and manner that is sacred to you .

Breath Technique:  45 minute sessions    $35

Life coaching  1/2 hour  $45, and an hour $70

Kundalini Yoga Private:  1 hour $50, 90 mins $70

                                      Package of 5 one hour sessions/5 weeks  $200

Reiki sessions:  1/2 hour  $50 and 1 hour $80

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