Learn to Meditate!

Beginners Meditation with Jill

July 25 - August 8 - August 22

@ 6:30 pm

Meditation is like medication for the soul. We have heard many times over the benefits of meditating and yet so many of us struggle with it!


As with most things in life there can be many reasons why we do not put into action those self-care, self-love techniques that so simply can bring us to harmony, balance and grounding.

  • Perhaps, we're just "too busy" to be bothered

  • We can't seem to find or create a "sacred space" for it

  • Our environment has too much toxic energy

  • We can't sit still and our minds race

  • We feel we can't "do it right"

  • Not sure "how"

  • We need motivation, time and space

In this class and gathering you will:

  1. Learn about the physical and psychological effects of meditation

  2. Explore the types of meditation and how they differ

  3. Discuss common obstacles that we ALL face when meditating and how to overcome them so you can find the practice that is right for you

Jill will lead you through a meditation to achieve relaxation, healing and inner guidance in a safe and comfortable environment.

In group settings, collectively, we are able to raise and amplify this energy. Therefore, meditating as a group can make it easier to step into our own mindful awareness of self for peace and well-being.

Cost is $20

Registering in advance is highly encouraged :)

Call (401) 293 - 5655


Jill McLoughlin, RN, BSN was taught how to meditate as a child and immediately opened up to the practice as well as her intuitive abilities. Meditation has been a part of her life ever since. Jill has experienced some amazing results using meditation for healing, manifesting, and achieving career goals. Jill is passionate about serving a purpose in educating and helping others to reach their full potential through mind-body-spirit connection.

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