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*All payment for classes and appointments please call us at

 Northern Lights 401-293-5655

 Meghan Greer

Tuesday & Thursday 10-2:15

Akashic Records and Lucia No 3 Light Meditation

The spirit world, or non-visible world, is where I am at home and being in nature is a huge reset button for me! I so enjoy having an animal visit me on my morning walks as they are often carrying a message for me! 

For 25 years I have pursued as a student and, eventually, as practitioner numerous modalities of energy healing. The models that have spoken to me in the past include Light Language, Breathwork and the Rosen Method. Over the past 12 years I have practiced as both an Intuitive Healer (certified by the Stillpoint School of Advanced Energy Medicine) and as a LifeLine Technique practitioner certified by the originator, Dr. Darren Weissman (in films “e-motion” and “HEAL”.) 

An off-shoot of my affinity toward "all things light" is a technology, Lucia No3, that creates a meditative state in the brain, activating both alpha and theta waves. The opening of the pineal gland is one by-product of a light session, in addition to increased relaxation, intuition and creativity. Light sessions also assist in reducing anxiety, depression, and assist with sleep imbalances. The meditation light has been developed by 2 Austrian doctors, both who use it for their practices and conduct on-going research of its effects. 

50 minute Meditation Light Session is $88

** Sessions by Appointment only**

Becoming an Akashic Records consultant has been the highlight of my journey in the healing arts. As a coach, I see the Records as an organic delivery system that brings information forward that is customized for the client as it comes directly from your guides and Record keepers. It is my joy and honor to work with clients who are looking to gain clarity and to create a vision for the upcoming phases in their lives. 



Akashic Record Sessions

50 minutes - $125

30 minutes - $65

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