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       Lorraine Wagner

          Wednesdays 2-6 pm

Palm Readings, Gemstone Programming

*All payment for classes and appointments please call us at

 Northern Lights 401-293-5655


              Jackie Brown

                 Wednesdays 2-6

                   Tarot readings

Lorraine offers Palm reading, also known as Palmistry or Chiromancy, which is the ancient art of analyzing the physical features of the hands to interpret personality characteristics and potentially predict future happenings.  Originating most probably in ancient India, the Art spread over centuries to Greece. By the mid 1900's Palmistry appeared throughout American popular culture.

As a daughter of a spiritual healer and granddaughter of a medium, I was raised in a metaphysical environment.  Although, I accepted this as the norm, I was never personally interested until sometime around 1998, when I was introduced to Palmistry. I met an elderly woman in a wheelchair who offered to read my palm.  I learned from the book that both astrologers and astronomers had created and studied the art of Palmistry, even the great Aristotle who is considered the "Father of Western Philosophy" studied it's wisdom. I developed a book providing data on all the lines in the palm and it's astrological correspondences. For your information and pleasure, this book is available for purchase at Northern Lights Holistic.

1/2 hour Palm Readings are $50

Gemstones:  Throughout the ages, have been treasured not only for their beauty, but spiritual properties as well. They are even mentioned in the Bible. Lorraine's personal interest in gemstones, their potential for healing and daily guidance , was born out of more than 15 years working with sonar system electronics which employ crystal as 'their brains'


Eventually, I developed a Gemstone programming Circuitry tool which is specific to the individual for whom it is created.  While I provide the charts and instruction, the client  should use a gemstone pendulum of his or her own choosing. The client is then guided through the 'programming' process whereby he or she creates a 'tool' specific to his or her own needs.  By employing this tool consisting of a chart, it's various categories, and gemstone pendulum; the client can then determine anything from which chakra needs what color to wear to an interview, to what kind of day will i have and more. It is a fun and unique method of actually seeing the vibrational connection between you and your guides.  Join me in peace and the light of gemstone vibrations. 

1 hour gemstone session is $75

Jackie offers Tarot readings. Tarot has been around for hundred of years.  Although it is specific origin is unknown, it has been proposed that he art of Tarot possibly originated in Egypt, then migrated to the European continent during the middle ages and was used as a game, not unlike bridge.  It is a moment in time, a snapsot in time, as well as their spitiual life's purpose and journey.

Join me as I would like to offer my explanation of the wisdom inherent in the cards as an aid to seekers desiring answers and guidance.

May your world be blessed and lit by the flame of knowledge.

1/2 hour Tarot reading is $50

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