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*All payment for classes and appointments please call us at

 Northern Lights 401-293-5655

Lorien Lanouette LMT

I began my journey in the bodywork field in 2002, graduating from the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts (now CortivaInstitiute) located in Tucson, Arizona. There I studied in the Massage Therapy program consisting of 1000 comprehensive hours, and later studied Zen Shiatsu in another 750 hours of course work and hands on training. I have continued my education with classes in Reiki, Chi Nei Tsang and Thai massage, all expanding the diversity of my treatments. I have proudly gained experience in many environments including chiropractic offices, spas and clinics.

I moved to Rhode Island in 2006 and am a licensed and insured practitioner. In my massage treatments you can expect attention to your body's specific needs. I enjoy working with first-timers and seasoned clients alike. Passing on the sense of peace and well-being that bodywork can provide is the defining goal of my practice. I believe that with each client comes new opportunity to help a person choose how their body feels and how they experience stress, elevating their daily experience in life. 

When I am not working or busy being a mom you can find me out enjoying the many gifts Little Rhody provides, especially eating seafood and sitting on the beach!


And Rates and services:

All treatments include the optional use of the Biomat to amplify the results of your session.


Integrative Massage Therapy

30 minutes: $55

60 minutes: $85

90 minutes: $110


Traditional Swedish massage strokes are the basis for my integrated massage session. They assist in increased circulation resulting in better cell function and detoxification. This can set the stage for deeper work. Reaching deeper tissue is optional when your body has achieved a deeply relaxed state. You are always in control of the depth and intensity of your massage. I may also use different techniques including trigger point work, stretching, range of motion, Shiatsu and Reiki depending on your individual needs. Your first session includes a few minutes of intake, interview and assessment. We will determine together what course of treatment is right for you. Some goals require multiple sessions to reach and following that I recommend maintenance through frequent massage and appropriate lifestyle changes.

Integrative Massage is beneficial for those who want to enjoy life to the fullest, physically, mentally and spiritually. In a world where therapeutic touch is often lacking, we neglect this basic human need to connect in a heart centered and safe environment. Integrative Massage Therapy can be the missing link your your regular health and wellness routine.


Zen Shiatsu

60 minutes: $85

90 minutes: $110

Traditional Zen Shiatsu treatments are received wearing loose, comfortable clothing and lying on a mat on the floor, though modifications can be made to the table. Following a detailed intake and assessment, I apply pressure along your Meridians (pathways of Qi energy in Traditional Chinese Medicine) using thumbs, palms and elbows, feet and knees. Stretching and range of motion movement are also key components. Your treatment is customized to your level of comfort and flexibility. The goal of Zen Shiatsu is to bring balance to all systems of the body while the practitioner and the recipient both reach a meditative state. Many find Zen Shiatsu helps them obtain a deep sense of balance and relaxation resulting in long lasting effects.

The increased emphasis in the modern world on the development of the intellect at the expense of other abilities tends to deplete the physical effectiveness of our bodies. As we become more and more used to the 'virtual reality' of the world of ideas, we begin to live in a mental concept or construct of our own body. Shiatsu can be of vital assistance in restoring us to the physical reality of our existence.

Biomat Session

20 minutes: $20
30 minutes: $30


So much more than just a table warmer! The BioMat is a treatment in and of itself. All of my sessions include it's use or you can use it individually; even a short time reduces stress, muscle tension and the aches and pains as stated in the US FDA’s medical Device 510K Indications for Use. The core technology is a combination of far infrared rays, negative ions, the conductive properties of amethyst channels and an EMF blocking technology increasing the therapeutic effects. Utilizing verified scientific principles it delivers holistic treatment providing a non-invasive, soothing experience that addresses the root cause of many common ailments. In addition to providing relief from some types of pain and discomfort, it provides muscle relaxation and increased local circulation where applied. Most find that the time they spend on the BioMat is the best part of their day, and a great way to unwind. If you need to recharge, relax and refresh this is a great tool to assist you.

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