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            Lori Tiburcio

Wednesday mornings 10-2:15 pm

Holistic & Intuitive Tarot Adviser


Early Life:


Within fondest memories, I have regularly viewed myself as an inquisitive and sensitive explorer of wellness, spiritual balance, and empathy. Self-help handbooks were first to peak my interest, at a young age,with their vivid descriptions of therapeutic practices and heartening stories of success and failure, but from such in-depth knowledge, I became widely fascinated with the concepts of spirituality and the afterlife. Had it not been for such captivation, I would not have purchased my first deck of tarot cards, nor would I have established the mastered techniques I use daily. Metaphysical healing has become a potent tool in my life and those around me, providing guidance and restorative power for loss, despair, and misfortune.



An Earnest Philosophy:


I trust in freewill, and that, in the instances where fate does capture us, it must be on our path of purpose. Still, each of us, will, occasionally, suffer from a blurred portrait of our painted future, and an incoherent loss of direction. Oftentimes, a tarot reading with compassion and kind guidance can illuminate our insights. It is, therefore, significant that I reach out to as many as I can to connect and restore others to spiritual and emotional vitality .


Something About me?


I am an animal-lover with a soft spot for dogs. I find comfort talking & interacting with them, my children (that’s what I call them, now). They keep me grounded, and I warmly consider them my spirit guides. With unconditional love, they have brought sweetness and joy into my life from day one.


I am confident we can learn more about each other at our first appointment!  See you there!



Tarot:  1/2 hour session $50  and 1 hour session $75