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*All payment for classes and appointments please call us at

 Northern Lights 401-293-5655

     Kevin John Moniz

 Wed. and Thursdays 2:15- 7 pm

      Intuitive Tarot Readings

A little about me. I have been learning, living and practicing the healing and intuitive arts and sciences since the age of 12. A young age to begin this process but one that was fueled by mystery and passion after a life changing near death experience.

I saw the Light! Not only did I see it, I was embraced by it and it's essence is a love so profound that fear or darkness cannot occupy the same space. It must withdraw from it's radiance. Imagine that! A place where fear and doubt are completely eradicated and every cell of your being knows and feels love unconditionally.

 I understand now why I was sent back from this place but at the time it was confusing and my ailment that led me there still present, so began a journey of discovery. A journey to understand, my mind, my body, my spirit and the magick and mystery of unconditional love. 
Sharing in this journey with me was my Mom Connie, who despite her concerns at first would frequently join me in the "Occult section" of local book stores. Yes, this was a time before the "mind, body spirit" and "self help" sections, usually dimly lit and in the back of the store as if there was something actually wrong with it.

I knew better and read everything I could from religious and spiritual texts from across the globe to books on psychic development, spirit communication, creative visualization, divination and all things Metaphysical and philosophical. It wasn't long before Mom and I were sharing books and info and our home was filled with crystals,Tarot cards and daily meditative practice. 
This passion we both shared eventually led to the opening of our own "New age" store in 1997 in the town of Bristol Rhode Island. The Magick Mirror gift shop, a place where we could help other people break down the barriers of fear and doubt in an environment that was safe, not dimly lit and focused on sharing kindness, love and bridging the perceived differences amongst differing spiritual modalities. All paths are illuminated by the same light and that light still inspires me today.

It was an amazing Journey with my Mom, working together everyday, doing readings and classes and learning a lot about ourselves and others. We had shared and witnessed many profound things in the store and I feel very blessed for our time together there and all of the loving connections and friendships that were developed.
Mom passed and went home to live in light and love in 2013 and even though I knew she would be in that place I visited so long ago I struggled with the loss of her sparkle and energy. She was my daily reminder that all things are possible if you let your own light shine and she supported me every step of that journey. It was amidst that grief that I promised to fulfill our intention and continue to keep the store, yet redefine it and make it my own. I can proudly say after just recently achieving my 20th year in business and fulfilling my dream and ambition to shed light on the mystery that I am ready for a new undertaking.

 I am very excited and grateful to be a part of this new collaborative here at Northern Lights. The opportunity to share space with other like minded and like spirited practitioners is truly a blessing and I look forward to helping others in our community create an environment of Love and healing as we share in our greatest joys and expressions.
Join me in welcoming Lisa  in her new endeavor to shine a little light and love. I hope to sit with you for a reading sometime soon so we can illuminate all of the possibilities and potential that you have to find love and healing within your own beautiful spark of light. 
Bright Blessings.

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