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Ken Demers




Greets from Healing Hands LLC and Kenneth Demers

I am a healer. I am a very old star based soul. I have a unique connection with the God force and earth based healing
energy. I am capable of gather them into a balanced healing energy
that is coupled with my ancient soul based wisdom for sometimes
instantaneous healing I do not control it. It controls me. I have been a healer and spiritual
leader in many lives and cultures.

In this lifetime I have started healing classes in the late 70's in
spiritual churches.

Over the years I have studied many healing modalies.
But I always come back to connecting to the earth mother coupled with
the healings of the patient and God and the divine helpers.

I have been part of the psychic tv show: the Psychic Holistic Spotlight,
and have gained a lot of insight and knowledge into teh paranormal


Ken offers a spiritual healing that brings together a perfect balance of
divine God force healing energies and earth mother healing energies,
custom created for the person being healed.

The benefits of a session with Ken for a migraine or for TMJ is
instantaneous. Other ailments may take somewhat longer, and may indeed
need to be looked at as a possible life lesson for the client.

People ask how it works? Next time you are talking to your higher
power: ask! Ken believes it works on a spiritual level, and he is
bringing forth healings by reaching into the soul of a sub-atomic energy
and making the necessary changes to facilitate a healing.

30 min $50
60 min $90

*All payment for classes and appointments please call Northern Lights 


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