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          Kady Morgan

      Mon. 11:30 - 6, Tues 2:30-6, Fri 2:30-6

  Channeled Guidance, Past Life Regression,                       

                   Shamanic Healing

  As A Priestess, A Mother, An Initiate And A Voracious Student Of Life, My Journey Of Becoming Is Being Sculpted Every Day.


I have been blessed with many magical life experiences that have called me onto this ‘path of becoming'. Blending science and spirituality through my healing, teaching, intuition, and sacred artwork has become my life's purpose. My gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience provide me with the ability to 'walk between the worlds' to access insight into the root of a physical, energetic or emotional imbalance.  

​As a Pampamesayoq or 'Earth-Keeper' Initiated into the shamanic teachings of the Q'ero in Peru, I intuitively blend this ancient Earth-based Inkan lineage with the magic of my ancestral heritage as Priestess of the Keltic mysteries. Using remembered techniques from multiple lifetimes and many cultures I am honored to re-align all who call upon my services with unconditional love and non-judgement. 


For many lifetimes I have been called into the service of healing our Earth Mother's energetic ley lines, vortexes and the crystalline template that holds the intention and vibrational consciousness of the planet in balance. Through visiting international sacred sites and places of ancient power, I am a channel for the energy of the Earth holding ritual, ceremony and sound circles to honor and harmonize the land.



Services Offered: 


Past Life Regression 

90 Minute Session


Experience a unique journey into the folds of time and space to see a previous or future aspect of you that is simultaneously existing alongside the current lifetime you find yourself within. As time continuously loops inwards on itself, our experiences of past, present and future become a circuitous moment of time that can be accessed in deeper levels of consciousness. All realities that have ever been created, encountered or imagined exist concurrently. This is a wonderful opportunity to delve into an important and multidimensional piece of who you are to understand yourself from a more cosmic perspective. Remembered 'other' lives are important because they teach us about the pieces of learned cumulative knowledge and how you’re meant to incorporate those teachings into your present lifetime.



Shamanic Healing Session 

45 - 90 Minute Session


As a conduit ‘between the worlds’, it is my job to assist you in reawakening to your power for conscious self-exploration, release, and realignment. 


What Stories Are You Creating?


What Stories Were Created For You?


How Can You Transcend Your Old Story? 


We tell our stories in every moment, often unconsciously. The behaviors and habits that we learned in childhood often inform us for many years to come. If we can understand the archetypal patterns in our lives we can walk with purpose. It is my sacred service to offer assistance in the reclamation of your power by showing you how to re-write your personal mythos. 


Using many modalities including sound and vibrational healing, ancient energy techniques, Crystal grids, DNA harmonization, Channeling and Plant Spirit Medicine, I can assist you in realigning back to your unique and perfect pitch and reclaiming your power to craft a new, authentic story! 


Thank you for your trust, your willingness, and your authenticity as we share in the pilgrimage to reclaim the sacred together.



Channeled Guidance

30 - 90 Minute Session

As a pure channel for many Divine Beings, I receive clear insight and guidance to assist you on the often dizzying journey through the labyrinth of life.  To 'walk between the worlds' and speak with beings in ascended form is a blessing that all beings on this Earth share. Many hear the calling but few trust in their divine gifts. I am honored to provide a clear conduit for communication with any being in higher dimensional frequency and love that you wish to receive clarity and guidance from.

These sacred transmissions can be life-changing! 

Prices for Sessions: 


30 Minute Session 



45 Minute Session 



60 Minute Session 



75 Minute Session



90 Minute Session 




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