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*All payment for classes and appointments please call us at

 Northern Lights 401-293-5655

  Jennifer Moore

  Saturdays 2-7 pm

I am an artist, certified Reiki Master in Usui Traditional Reiki and an intuitive Oracle and Tarot card reader. I have been practicing and studying the esoteric arts for over seven years. 


I have always had an interest in the esoteric arts, astrology, numerology and the mysteries of the universe ever since I was a small child. In the past seven years I have expanded on these interests through studying the Tarot, Oracle Cards, Reiki, Astrology and Numerology. Last year, I went on a Warrior Goddess Wisdom Retreat in Sedona, Arizona and participated in a fire walking ceremony. During this retreat it became clear to me that it is part of my life purpose to offer my healing services to help empower others reach their highest and fullest potential. Each of us have within us these innate psychic senses, and with awareness we can begin to tap into our inner power to co-create the lives we wish to embody and manifest for the highest good of all beings. In being of service to others, it is my goal that by sharing my intuitive abilities I can help guide others to their fullest potential.


As an artist, I specialize in sculpture, painting and drawing. I have just returned from spending the past seven months living, studying and traveling abroad in Italy. I felt a strong connection there and during a reading while I was there, I was able to tap into my mediumship ability. I believe that these messages come through as they are guided to, in divine timing. Life is a journey, in every breath and every moment. I am constantly learning, growing and discovering each and every day!



Reiki Healing

This service helps to realign and balance chakra centers through energy healing. Often we pick up energetic debris throughout our daily interactions and this healing process helps to clear and cleanse your auric field. These energies can affect us and reveal themselves to us often through physical dis-ease. While it is not a cure or replacement for professional medical care, it can offer some therapeutic release.

$65 for 60 MIn

Oracle Readings

These non-denominational card readings offer an intuitive insight to the energies surrounding you at the time of the reading. These cards are a gentle way to explore receiving a reading, especially if it is your first time. 

$60 for 60 Min  $30 for 30 Min


Tarot Readings

Tarot has a long and beautiful history, rich in symbolism from many spiritual practices. These readings allow an in-depth look into your concerns involving your relationships, romance, health, career and overall life situations based on the influences of energy surrounding you at the time of the reading. As nothing is set in stone, we have the ability to create what we wish to manifest in our lives, known as free will.

$80 for 90 Min  $65 for 60 Min


Combination Reiki & Reading
This unique service offers the best of both modalities. Half an hour is spent on a reading using cards of your choice, either Tarot or Oracle cards and the later half is spent on healing with Usui Traditional Reiki.  $80 for 90 Min

If you are looking for a sacred safe space, Northern Lights is the right place! As a newly joined practitioner to this team of light, I am excited and proud to work alongside such wonderful people. Each practitioner has a unique service to offer and I am confident that you will find the best fit for exactly what you seek! Much love, light and many blessings! 




Very best,

Jennifer Moore

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