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*All payment for classes and appointments please call us at

 Northern Lights 401-293-5655

      Jacqueline Bissonnette CH

A hypnotist helps you to make the connection between what you are experiencing and the belief that is creating the experience. 

Jacqueline’s sessions offer a practical approach to expanding human potential, by identifying changes a client wishes to make, setting realistic goals and utilizing neurolinguistic programming both in and out of trance and hypnotic energy work.

Hypnotic work is the key that unlocks the treasures within that contain our most powerful assets: The limitless and largely untapped power of the human mind.

I guide my clients to discreate beliefs that no longer serve them, by unlearning negative ways of thinking and doing, and allowing them to live their best life possible.



Offerings can benefitStress Reduction, Procrastination, Self Confidence,Perfectionism, Over worrying , Overall Wellness

Body scan meditation for stress reduction and relaxation management.

This method was founded by Jon Kabit-Zinn, UMass School of Medicine, Worcester, MA

Jacqueline has 10 years experience offering Guided Imagery to Hospice Clients.


The  Sensitive Gut

Addressing functional IBS issues

Learn about the gut to brain axis, and how to stimulate the vagus nerve by using diaphragmatic breathing. The vagus nerve activates anti stress hormones.

Guidance from the well researched FODMAP diet program 

Understanding your genetic and environmental sensitivity to food

Guided Imagery- 60 Minute Session- $85.00

Hypnotic  Coaching Sessions-60 minutes-$85.00

Package of 3 Hypnotic Sessions-$250.00


Jacqueline has 30 years education and experience in integrative health care and the metaphysical realm.

Certified Hypnotist 

Member of National Guild of Hypnotists.  2018

Hypnotist Training by John Koenig BCH CI, Providence, RI.   2018

Avatar Level I, II and III, Bartlett, NH.  2003

Avatar Master Course,  Stars Edge International Altamonte Springs, FL  2004

The ART of Mindful Living Course  1989 

Based on UMass School of Medicine Stress Reduction and Relaxation  Management Course.

Hippocrates Health Institute Boston, MA.  1979

Bristol Community College AA Child Psychology. 1974

Transcendental Meditation Los Angeles, CA.  1968

Blair Medical College

Physicians Assistant, Lab, Radiology, assist in minor surgery.  1967-1971

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