Calendar of Events for January 2020


Table Tipping with Tori McNally 

Tuesdays, January 7th and January 21st,  6:30-8:30  
Fee $35.00      

Table Tipping is another way to access the spirit world for communication with loved ones that have departed or spirit guides. The Medium will have a short centering meditation to prepare the room, the table and everyone surrounding the table for spirit communication. When spirit comes through the table it will cause the table to move either up and down or side to side. The messages from spirit are always for the clients highest and best. This class always sells out early. Reserve your space now. There will only be one table tipping in the month of June...8 seats, so gather your friends and book your seat at the table

Beginner Tarot Certification:  

  $30 individual class or $100 for all 4 classes/ Certification ( if you missed class one or two you can make it up privately)

Whether you are a new to Tarot or want to hone your skills, learn how Tarot can enhance your innate psi power and be used as both a tool for prediction and healing. This class is the first in a Certification series that will teach you all you need to become a Spiritual Guide, read the cards accurately and predict your client’s future.
Suggested companion book to this class is HOLISTIC TAROT; SOUL MAP FOR A NEW PARADIGM available  at Northern Lights Holistic store. This class is being taught by Cris McCullough who has taught and done readings 

since 1967. 


What are Indigo Children?  Do you have one?

January 11th, 5-7 pm


Do you have an Indigo child you are raising?  What does this term even mean?  Join us this evening to find out if your child is indeed Indigo or spiritually minded.  Here are some examples of traits of Indigo Children. Lets get together and discuss how to recognize these traits and learn how to help your child best develop.

  • Are empatheticcurious, and strong-willed

  • Are often perceived by friends and family as being strange

  • Possess a clear sense of self-definition and purpose

  • Show a strong innate subconscious spirituality from early childhood (which, however, does not necessarily imply a direct interest in spiritual or religious areas)

  • Have a strong feeling of entitlement, or deserving to be here

  • High intelligence quotient

  • Inherent intuitive ability

  • Resistance to rigid, control-based paradigms of authority

These and many more traits will be discussed and supported.  Please join us!

Intuitive Spirit Support Circle  

Offered by Lisa Ashton RN, owner

Friday, January 24th 

6:30-8:30 pm

Free: By donation only

Walk-ins welcome


Do you sometimes feel like odd things happen to you in your life?  Do you see or feel strange things that you can't explain?  Would it help to talk to others about things you experience or feel?

This is a judgement free support circle that meets the last Friday of every month to discuss those oddities that happen to us all on a day to day is a group to share these happenings, get others opinions and support each other as we try to understand what we are feeling and experiencing?


This group will meet on the last Friday evening every month from 6:30-8:30 pm, and is run by donation only.  The main purpose is to bring together like minded people who wish to talk about psychic things that happen in their life, or just want to learn more about being psychic.

Call to reserve your place, as the group can only hold a limited amount every month.  A great way to meet your 'tribe' and feel comfortable sharing and learning about these everyday occurrences. Great Discussion Group!

Poofy Organic Party 

Saturday, January 25th  2:30 pm


Have you ever tried Poofy Organic products?  Join Christal today to try some of the Organic health and beauty products in person....The products are hand made and packaged in the USA, and they are organic and clean. 


Discover your Totem ( Shamanic Work)

Sunday, January 19th  2-5 pm

Chris McCullough, a Shamanic healer and master teacher will be guiding you to find our about your own Totem....Fascinating!


This class will book up quickly reserve your space now! Maximum of 20 people

Animal Communication 

Sunday , January 12th,  2-4 pm Animal Communication

Chloe will introduce you Animal Communication, so you can better understand your beloved pets.


Quantum Reiki Level II Certification:

Saturday, January 12th, 1st class 5 pm - 8 pm, 2nd class on January 26th 2-5 pm

Become certified as a Level II Quantum Reiki Healer.  ( Other levels to follow)


Reiki Energy Share for Practitioners With Christal and Dawn

Tuesday, January 28th 6:30-8:30 pm


This is a place to support the community of energy workers. It is a time to get together to support each other and to offer mini sessions for each other so we can clear our channels and be of the best service to our clients and our community. 

Please note:   Reservations required for all classes. All payments for classes in advance by calling:

                                                                      Northern Lights Holistic


                                                                      204 Clock Square Tower

                                                                              Portsmouth, RI