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Ed Maclean

Medium/Trance Healer

Ed began a career in the corporate world over 20 years ago. As a hospitality manager he experienced a fast paced work environment and understands the need to have balance in your work and personal life. Introduced to Mediumship more than 12 years ago, he was guided down a new road. He has trained with some of the best known Mediums and Healers in New England, New York & the UK.  


Gifts of Psychic Intuitiveness, Mediumship, Trance Healing, and accessing the Akashic Records have been honed through countless readings, classes and working with a group of other talented and amazing Mediums and Healers for an extended amount of time.

Book your appointment for Mediumship,Psychic Reading,Trance Healing and Akashic Records 

30 minute Appointment for $50.00

1 Hour Appointment $75.00

Combination Healing/Reading 1 hour $90.00




Life should be lived on the move.

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