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Denise Dacier RN, MSN

Denise Dacier is a Family Nurse Practitioner and has been working in healthcare as an RN in Rhode Island since 2004. Working in the healthcare system, she has been working with people of all ages, genders, cultures and illnesses towards making and meeting their healthcare goals. She always knew she was a healer and that her life’s purpose is to help people but the healthcare system did not allow her to share her gift the best way she knew how. There were too many limitations and restrictions and it was taking a toll on her soul. Since 80% of all healthcare issues are stress related she knew she needed to incorporate stress management strategies into her life. She had used Complementary and Alternative Modalities (CAM) for stress management in her practice with patients and decided to try yoga. Yoga was what tuned Denise into her own energy by making a bodymindspirit connection. She also received Reiki during this period of time which helped further this connection. She was so interested in this energy healing that she enrolled in a Holistic Practitioner Program. She is now a Certified Reiki Master.

While on this spiritual journey, she explored other CAM for stress management including breath work, meditation, relaxation, imagery, aromatherapy, essential oils, diet, journaling, prayer, herbology, dance, pilates, therapeutic touch, healing touch, creating a sacred space and personal rituals, lifelong learning and working with gemstones and crystals. After seeing how these interventions were positively affecting her life, she decided to follow her heart and leave the healthcare industry in 2017.

Denise decided to explore Holistic Nursing because it empowers her to incorporate CAM in her practice. She is working on her Board Certification in Holistic Nursing from the American Holistic Nurses Association. “Holistic Nursing is a practice that has healing the whole person as its goal and honors relationship-centered care and the interconnectedness of self, others, nature, and spirituality. It focuses on protecting, promoting and optimizing health and wellness. It incorporates integrative modalities/Complementary and Alternative Modalities.” She loves how holistic nursing care is healing oriented and centered on the relationship with the person in contrast to an orientation towards diseases and their cures. “Healing is a spiritual process that attends the wholes of the person- bodymindspirit.” Denise uses awareness and intention to create the optimal healing environment. Her relationship-centered approach starts with an intuitive Angel/Oracle or Tarot Card Reading. Then she assists the person in healing bodymindspirit with Reiki, Essential Oils and Crystals!

As a life coach, she is able to help others reach their personal goals with health and wellness. She is dedicated to future research to provide evidence of the positive health-related outcomes associated with these modalities. 

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