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               Dawn Costa

              Reiki Master

Thursday and Friday mornings 9:30-12:30

I am a certified Reiki Master/Practitioner trained in traditional Usui Reiki method.  Reiki or universal life energy, is hands on healing and balancing of the chakra system.  There is no massage or manipulation of the body involved. All clients remain fully clothed during the session.  During your session I use therapeutic touch however if you prefer it can be a no touch approach or hover technique while still benefiting fully from the healing.  Reiki is used to reduce stress, anxiety, pain, enhance health, chakra balancing leading to overall well-being.   I intuitively use essential oils, oil blends and crystals in my sessions to enhance the experience.  This is personalized for every client.

Since I was a child, I have suffered anxiety, never knowing the source and why I was different.  I am an empath and feel things deeply, things that do not always belong to me.  After witnessing my grandfather’s passing, a surprise pregnancy and battling post-partum depression/anxiety for 2 years, Reiki was literally dropped into my hands.  It healed my soul, afforded me new opportunities and a support group unlike any I had before.  The ability to help others work through situations and emotions, to witness their “AHAH” moment, is a privilege and an honor that I hold with utmost respect.  Every client teaches me something new about myself. There is a lesson for me in every session.

I am a true believer that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON! We are all here for a divine purpose, to learn lessons to grow our soul. 

I intuitively create crystal bracelets that are individualized for each client.

When I use oracle cards during a reading I am tapping into my own intuition and your guides knowledge and wisdom to help  you see where you have been, what is happening now, and where you are heading in the future. IT's an interactive, enjoyable reading to help you get to your highest and best self.

Reiki: One hour sessions $85 (included in this is the use of essential oils and crystals for ultimate healing)

Oracle Card Readings: 1/2 hour reading is $50