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Cindy Harley

*All payment for classes and appointments please call us at

 Northern Lights 401-293-5655

Cindy has been studying esoteric subjects for almost 40 years. It probably started when her mother gave

her first set of Tarot cards and a Palmistry kit when she was 11-12. She is an astrologer, Human Design

Specialist, Quantum Alignment System Practitioner, Oracle Card Reader, Crystal Healing and crystal grid

specialist, “closet Theosophist”, Subtle Energy Practitioner and Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner .

All these modalities have one thing in common, a search for SELF and something beyond SELF. What

connects us all?

In her practice, she uses her empathic skills to tune into what the client needs. She loves numbers and

that is what led her to the study of astrology and then onto Human Design. She will often combine

astrology and Human Design to help the client (or seeker) find a path to their true SELF and the

knowledge they seek. In the past year, she has seen people following more of a quantum healing or

quantum creativity on her path to SELF-KNOWLEDGE. The Quantum Alignment System created by Karen

Curry Parker combines the Human Design energetic Profile with subtle energy therapies to help clients

align more closely with their higher Self and free themselves from blocks to their creativity.

Cindy is always continuing to add to her basket of tools and is working to complete her Crystal Healing

Certification this January. The love of stones and crystals led her to learn more about these powerful

teachers of the Earth.

Services offered:

Astrology Readings: Astrology takes your birth date and time and place and maps out an energetic

profile of the Stellar (stars) at the time of your birth. From ancient times, man has looked to the stars

and predicted or attempted to predict life events and how the child will bloom. Leaders of nations, Kings

and Queens have often used astrologers to plan major events or see what happen in their own lives.

General overview of the energetic tendencies (30 minutes) $75.00

More in-depth look into the psyche and motivations (60-75 minutes) $150.00

Human Design. Human Design is a newer Esoteric Science delivered to the world in 1987. It also uses

the client’s birth date, time and place and then calculates the Human Design Energetic Profile. The

Human Design profile takes the astrology of the planets in the signs and overlays it over the I Ching

Mandala. The planets will be placed in a certain I Ching Hexagram which is called a Gate. It then

correlates that Gate to a specific Center in the Bodygraph. Human Design is not a predictive tool but a

tool that allows the seeker (or client) to see deeply the possible tendencies and pitfalls in the psyche.

30 Minute brief introduction: (30 minutes) $70.00

Initial Human Design Reading (75 minutes) $130.00

Quantum Alignment System Sessions: The Quantum Alignment System is a combination of different

subtle therapies to help you recognize, release, and align with a new story. The Quantum Alignment

System uses your Human Design Energetic Profile to help you identify (acknowledge) some things that

may be blocking you in achieving your Highest Potential. After identifying, we use the Emotional

Freedom Technique to help release the energy blockages that might be keeping you locked in that story.

As the energy moves, we use subtle energy techniques such as Flower Essences, Essential Oils and

Crystals to help you release fully the old story and then bring in a new story or architecture for your life.

Using the Power of quantum physics and the openness of Questions – we help you to align with the new

story of possibility that you never dreamed possible. As these sessions work at a very deep emotional

and spiritual level, we recommend a series of sessions.

Initial consultation to see if this would be a great fit: $90.00 (30-45 minutes)

Series of 3 sessions (60 minutes per session) $240.00

Oracle/Angel Card: Colette Baron-Reid states it best the Oracle Cards are a pathway to connecting with

your Soul or Higher Self. We will use the cards to help you connect with your Higher Self or unseen

Guides to help you with the next step in your life. Whether that is answering a question or just wanting

to know more about why something is happening. The Oracle or Angel Cards are a gateway to getting

messages from Source or Higher Power

30 minute oracle session: $60.00

60 minute oracle session: $100.00

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