Christal Rae Nichols

Reiki Master Teacher 

Reiki Drumwave practitioner

Integrated Energy Therapy practitioner

Thursday and Friday 10 am - 2 pm

About 15 years ago, I received my first Reiki treatment.  It offered me clarity, peace, and it flushed out the excess water in my body (lots of trips to the ladies' room! Lol!).  I was amazed at how I could feel where the Practitioners were, even though they weren't touching me.  As a person who is very attuned to energy and who has a strong desire to learn how things work, the seed was planted.  I told myself that I would take classes.  However, I just didn't feel ready and so I procrastinated.  I continued to study psychology at RIC and took some courses in holistic health online.  It took 10 years to figure out why I resisted taking Reiki classes.  

A traumatic experience about 6 years ago forced me out of unconscious living.  I awoke to find things weren't as I thought at all.  I tried to hold onto what I knew by rebounding into similar relationships, but I just couldn't go back.  Then I made a choice; the choice to heal.  That is when everything changed.  During my healing process, I began to get rid of the conditioning from family and society and became my authentic self.  I learned how to love myself, set healthy boundaries, and witness self-talk, habits, and emotions, thus allowing me to change patterns.  The second choice that changed my life even more was deciding I was ready to experience healthy relationships and a healthy circle of women.  I met a group of women who radiated empowerment and love.  They fed my soul and I became a woman who could share energy in a healthy, heart-based way.  

That is when I decided to learn Reiki.  You see, a practitioner needs to heal his or herself before helping another in their healing  process.  It was Divine timing at work.  Once I reached a level of health, my path in energy work flowed with ease and synchronicities.  I found wonderful teachers, who I am so grateful for, who taught me Reiki, Reiki drumming, Integrated Energy Therapy, and simple shamanic practices. 


IET brings the practitioner and the client into alignment with Oneness energy.  In Oneness, we can experience unconditional love and nonjudgement.  This is a beautiful experience.  While connected, the practitioner guides emotional energy that is trapped at the cellular level out of the physical, emotional, mind, and spirit bodies and gives them to Source to be transmuted or dispersed as needed.  Angel frequencies and the higher self are called upon to assist with specific issue areas.  The practitioner will then integrate elevated emotions.  For example, anger would be replaced with forgiveness.     

I love the holistic community and the concept of approaching wellness from a whole perspective; mind, body, and energy (spirit and emotions).  Knowing I can collaborate with others to help people create their wellness toolboxes brings me so much joy!  I will forever be a student and continue to grow so that I can bring more value to others, the Earth, and all that lives upon Her.  I am so grateful to have found another group of wonderful people with like minds and hearts here at Northern Lights Holistic.  I look forward to sharing, teaching, and connecting people more fully with the Universal Life force/ Oneness energy and the frequencies of the angels and ascended masters with the intention to empower people on their own healing and wellness journey!  


Reiki :  30 min is $50, and  60 min is $80

Integrated Energy Therapy;  60 min is $90

Reiki Chakra Cleanse with Drum:  45 min  is $70

Intuitive Reiki / IET blend:  60 min is $80

Chat and Reiki:  60 min is $75

Intuitive Guidance with the Angels 30 min $50,  60 min $75.00

*All payment for classes and appointments please call us at Northern Lights