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Christal Rae Nichols

Reiki Master Teacher 

Reiki Drumwave practitioner

Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor

Empath Coach

Thursday and Friday 10 am - 2 pm

Everyone has a healer within them.  My intention is to empower you to tap into your healing potential and meet your wellness and practice goals.  I offer Reiki sessions and classes, Integrated Energy Therapy sessions and classes, an intuitive mix of the two in sessions, and empath coaching. 


I have had the experience of being an empath my whole life.  I spent a good part of my life very dis-empowered and found my way through the fire of transformation the hard way, but it was worth every moment.  I didn't learn by reading empath books or watching videos.  I learned by stubborn perseverance and my own personal healing process.  I know by experience how each step works.  I have these amazing wow moments that make me proud of my achievements that have brought me such satisfaction with life.  I am an empowered empath!  I create my experiences and have the ability to help others.  I am so happy to be of service to others who are struggling like I did, to help them find their own empowerment and joy with life.  You don't have to take years learning the hard way!  There will be one-one sessions, group classes, and support groups.  You are not alone and being an empath is not a curse!  It is time to take your power back!  


IET brings the practitioner and the client into alignment with Oneness energy.  In Oneness, we can experience unconditional love and non-judgement.  This is a beautiful experience.  While connected, the practitioner guides emotional energy that is trapped at the cellular level out of the physical, emotional, mind, and spirit bodies and gives them to Source to be transmuted or dispersed as needed.  Angel frequencies and the higher self are called upon to assist with specific issue areas.  The practitioner will then promote the integration of elevated emotions.   We can also work on power loss, soul missions, child self reintegration, grounding, and more.  IET complements Reiki very well and can even be used to assist with empath empowerment.  I just love working with the angelic frequencies!  They are so powerful, loving, patient, and respectful of free will!            

I love the holistic community and the concept of approaching wellness from a whole perspective; mind, body, and energy (spirit and emotions).  Knowing I can collaborate with others to help people create their wellness toolboxes brings me so much joy!  I will forever be a student and continue to grow so that I can bring more value to others, the Earth, and all that lives upon Her.  I am so grateful to have found another group of wonderful people with like minds and hearts here at Northern Lights Holistic.  I look forward to sharing, teaching, and connecting people more fully with the Universal Life force/ Oneness energy and the frequencies of the angels and ascended masters with the intention to empower people on their own healing and wellness journey!  


Reiki :  30 min is $50, and  60 min is $90

Integrated Energy Therapy;  30 min is $50, and 60 min is $90

Reiki Chakra Cleanse with Drum:  60 min  is $90

Intuitive Reiki / IET blend:  30 min is $50, and 60 min is $90

Empath coaching one-one:  60 min is $90

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*All payment for classes and appointments please call us at Northern Lights 


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