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         Chloe Moers

Wednesdays 2-6, and Saturdays 10-2:15

Medium, Channeled readings

Animal Communication / Reiki

Quantum Reiki Healings

Infant and Child Reiki Healing

Past Life Regression

I began doing energy healing at the age of 13. I didn’t know what I was doing. All I knew was that it helped my friends and whoever around me that was suffering. I would use energy to take on the pain and suffering of those around me. This drained me excessively and one day my mom realized what I had been doing and introduced me to reiki. 


I attended my first Reiki workshop at the age of 15 and fell in love. I immediately starting using this amazing energy constantly. It became my entire life. I did not go even 10 minutes throughout the day without using it for something whether it was for giving my food or drink a burst of energy, helping out an animal, a person or putting a wave of protection to not get called on by a teacher. No matter what the reason was, I was able to work with reiki and since then I gained a new best friend.


I realized that this energy is constantly around us and is able to be used for an infinite amount of purposes. 


From energy healing then came channeling. I learned about my higher self and began having her speak through me, then I moved onto trees, then multidimensional beings and finally spirits of people who have passed. 


By age 16 I had clients and felt that I had found my purpose but, something felt like it was missing. I had always had a connection to the animal kingdom. Since birth I was a vegetarian and became raw vegan at age 15 before transitioning to vegan. I have always been an animal activist and would love all animals unconditionally. As a kindergartner I would put my hands in a dome shape around ant hills to prevent kids stepping on them at lunch and they would step on my hands but, I wouldn’t mind because I knew I was saving lives and entire villages. 


Because of my connection to animals I wanted to become an animal rights lawyer until I realized how law school was not right for me and that’s when I found Anna Breytenbach, a famous animal communicator from South Africa. Her documentary lead me to learn animal communication and from there animal Reiki and I realized this was the way I would help animals and help people realize how special they are. 


Since then, I have learned Past Life Regression, Crystal Healing and Quantum Reiki and I will continue to move forward and learn more. 


I hope to be there for you and your loved ones to help you on your journey of life! 


Channeling:  1/2 hour is $50, 1 hour is $85

Mediumship readings:  1/2 hour is $50,  1 hour is $85

Past Life Regression:  1 hour is $100

Animal Communication with Animal Reiki:  1/2 hour is $50, 1 hour is $85

Quantum Reiki Healing:  1/2 hour is $50, 1 hour is $85.00

Infant and Child Reiki:  1/2 hour is $50 ( either in person or by sending energy long                                                                                             distance}