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*All payment for classes and appointments please call us at

 Northern Lights 401-293-5655

      Catherine Wilson

Taking that first step in making change can feel so overwhelming. Finding a way to get started, sifting through conflicting information on health or even believing it is possible can all be barriers. Don’t give up on yourself. Work with Catherine Wilson, an Integrative Health and Wellness Coach. Catherine works alongside you in breaking down your wellness goals into small, manageable lifestyle changes that overtime lead to transformational change. She helps you figure out where you want to be and then works with you in creating a unique blueprint personalized for your goals and your life. Be it food,

physical activity, sleep, career, relationships -whatever area of life you want to improve, Catherine offers a variety of real life solutions for creating change and a life you love. Learn to replace lifestyle choices like poor diet, excessive TV watching, working long hours, sitting behind a desk all day with new habits like eating nourishing meals, cultivating presence, letting go of busy and becoming the best you possible.

You can do anything just not everything all at once! Catherine Wilson is a coach known for meeting her clients where they are with an open mind, curiosity, compassion, and empathy. Her role is to guide her client’s as they navigate their own journey to what is optimal health for them. What makes Catherine a successful Coach? She’s been there herself! After trying every quick hitting, short term diet option out there - she discovered that sustainable change was possible with an ally and a plan. She is a somewhat reformed people-pleaser that learned to make

herself a priority in her own life. She learned that saying ‘yes’ to herself meant sometimes saying ‘no’ to others. Listening to her own body and changing what wasn’t working in one area of her life led to harmony within. There was always a passion for was coaching that became her calling

because of its individualization of wellness.

Want to learn more? Schedule your FREE 30 minute wellness consultation by calling Northern Lights at 401.293.5655  

Each session is 50 minutes long. Packages include bi-weekly sessions, initial and post assessment, goal

setting, healthy recipes, accountability and support between sessions. Also included are resources

(videos, articles, research) specific to your goals and a free health related gift each session.


One exploratory session: $100.00

3-session package: $90 per session or $240.00 if paid in full at registration

3-month/6-session package: $90 per session or $480.00 if paid in full at registration

6-month/12-session package: $85 per session or $900 if paid in full at registration

To further her scope of practice, Catherine has continued her education in the following programs:

Master of Arts, Health and Wellness Coaching, Nutrition Concentration – Maryland University of

Integrative Health, December 2018

​Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Certification - Institute of Integrative, 12 month program,

March 2016

Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners - 2016

Cooking for Wellness: The Healthy Vegan Distance Learning Course Certificate – The Natural

Epicurean of Culinary Arts, 2016

Personal Trainer Certification – American Council on Exercise, 2008

Group Exercise Instructor-Athletics and Fitness Association of America, 1998

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