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*All payment for classes and appointments please call us at

 Northern Lights 401-293-5655

Astrid is an intuitive medium who can bring forth your loved ones and beloved animal companions who have passed on. You may sense your loved one’s presence, or it may feel like they are hugging you, and if you’ve felt them before, it may feel amplified and bring you peace and closure.

She can pick up on childhood memories and relay messages through pendulum, tarot, and channeled intuitive writing.

Astrid is also a dream interpreter. Dreams are not always what they seem to be, and she can help you to determine their true significance in your life so be sure to write down what happened because even the smallest detail matters!

Tarot can help to aid you intuitively when you are unsure of the next step. This is a fun tool to see where your energy has been and you where you may be headed, the rest is up to you!

Animal communication is a fun experience as they are often extremely talkative and excited to communicate with their loved ones who are still earth side!


Mediumship Readings:   1/2 hour is $50,  1 hour is $85

Mediumship AND Tarot Combination:   1/2 hour is $50,   1 hour is $85

Tarot readings:  1/2 hour  $50,  1 hour is $85

Dream interpretation:  1/2 hour $50,  1 hour is $85

                     Astrid Rael
Mediumship, Tarot, and Dream Interpretation
      Tuesday and Wednesday 10- 2 pm
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